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Brandon Robertson

Brandon inherited the American classic car bug from his dad, Ian Robertson. Over the years, Brandon has cruised the Cape roads in the likes of a '67 Mercury Cougar and other desirable classics.

After paying his dues and working at Stateside Auto in Stikland for many years, Brandon started All American Auto and has been growing the business from strength to strength. After meeting or speaking to Brandon, it doesn't take you long to realise the extent of his knowledge and importing skills. A true petrol head with a good brain on his shoulders!  

Brandon Robertson

Ian Robertson

Ian is like a fine wine, getting better and better with every year! Ian comes from an era where men were men and cars were built right. Ian always a has a cool story (or two) of the old days where Studebaker, Dodge, Plymouth, Chrysler and the likes thereof reigned supreme! Ian has been in the Classic Car game for most of his adult life and this knowledge and expertise cannot be taught.

Ian's infectious stories and tales of the good 'ol days pair well with All American Auto as this is exactly what the business is about, honouring the classics of yesteryear that we all miss!

A good bloke.

Ian Robertson

The Team

At All American Auto it really is all about professionalism, passion and people. We pride ourselves on offering all customers honest and reliable advice and help.

We are like one big happy family spreading the love of cars from a bygone era! At All American Auto we are always wanting to help make our customers satisfied through ease of ordering and our expert knowledge on all things US car related.

The Team

Services offered: “The right parts and the right advice!”

  • Source and Import Parts

    We supply parts for all generations of American cars, and with 4 shipments a month, you’ll never be waiting long. No part is too big or small – from a single o-ring to an entire crate engine, we supply it all. We service the entire of South Africa and will courier your order direct to your door.

  • Stock Holding

    With our considerable stock holding we can easily get you back on the road,  get your engine dressed up or help you with your routine maintenance  – all the fast moving parts like distributor caps, plugs and plug wires, water pumps, filters, coolers and more to keep your ride on the road!

  • Experienced Advice

    With over 70 years combined experience in the American car spares trade, and a host of reputable contacts in the industry, we’re able to give you the right advice the first time round. Come to All American Auto for help with any generation of American car.